What is this thing?
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What is this thing? It's chrome, about 9 inches long, and arrived in a care package from a co-worker's grandmother's house.
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Part of a tie hanger?
posted by rongorongo at 2:16 PM on March 28, 2013

Are the ends smooth, or does it look like there was something attached to them previously? Could be an old heating element, although I've never seen one where the two ends don't end in roughly the same spot.
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Yeah it could be a tie-rack. Maybe the co-worker is male and the grandmother is a widow, which would explain why the tie-rack is both unneeded and deemed suitable to include in a care package.
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The co-worker should look for the hanging plate! That's kind of nifty.
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I think "Imperial Trouser Hanger" is the right answer, but I have also seen racks very similar to this mounted to under-the-sink kitchen cabinet doors in 1920s-era houses. They're used to dry kitchen towels. They have wider spacing, though, so I'm going with trousers.
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