Recommendations for a liquor cabinet lock?
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I have a liquor cabinet at home that has two handles very close together, that allow for the cabinet to be opened like French doors. Looking for a lock for it.

Here is an image of the cabinet.

We have young kids, and we're looking for a lock we can place on the outside, basically something we can loop over the handles, and make it so that without a key or combination, you can't open the cabinet. It's a really nice piece of furniture, so we'd prefer to go this route vs. drilling into the furniture in order to install a lock.

I searched Amazon for some cable locks, but seem to be way overkill (6' in length, too thick, bicycle chains, etc.). Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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You can get any size chain, in a different variety of styles, from Home Depot or Lowes - then you can lock it with a padlock/combination lock.

Rest assured that this will not be good enough when they get older! A friend's parents did this to him while they were out on vacation, and he was able to remove the hinges off of the cabinets!
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It's hard to tell from the photo -- do the handles make loops as they are connected to the doors (like a D shape) or are they more like knobs? If they make a loop, could you get a larger Chinese lock to lock them to each other? They are more or less decorative and functional.
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They make "cable locks" that seem to be more along the lines of what you are thinking of, for instance this one on Amazon, and the related items on that page. They are ugly though.

Of course, the other lower tech option is to just tie a tasteful black cord around the handles with a good knot.
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I wonder if you could make a ratchet lock work in this case.
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I am using Safety 1st magnetic locks for some of my child proofing. I think they are better constructed and able to be used in more places (because of the power of the magnet and size of the metal ball) than other brands. Do not bother with the adhesive, go straight to pilot holes and real screws (which are likely to not be the ones included with the locks).

You could also insert metal pins from the top. Drill a hole through the top into the door edge. drop in large nail of smaller diameter. You could cut the head off the top of the nail and require a magnet to get the nail out too.
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