What kind of belt to wear?
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Do stylish women even wear belts anymore? What kind should I look for? I seem to do ok with keeping my pants and tops in style, but am never sure about a belt. Sometimes I don't even wear one, but lots of my stretchy jeans don't stay up without one. Most of my belts are old and I want to buy new ones but I feel like I'm stuck in the 90s. Advice?
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Best answer: You Look Fab says yes, belts are fabulous.

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Belts are very in, especially colored ones or ones with an interesting texture. It's popular to wear a belt even when you don't strictly need it just as decoration, too. Get yourself a belt!
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I love belts. After pay too much for one on Diesel.com one year... I discovered this site:


They sell originals and some knock offs of very spendy designer belts. The interface is terrible but the prices are great.

If you want to see what's trendy, look at some of the bigger sites like Zappos who turn over product pretty quickly.
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I like to pick up colourful, faux-leather skinny belts at H&M. They keep my jeans up without adding a lot of bulk.
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J.Crew has cute belts. (That's where Michelle Obama got the one that she wore for the inauguration.)
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Best answer: Previously.
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Best answer: I'm a big fan of Flatter Me Belts. They come in enough colours to go with a lot of cute outfits and because they're adjustable, you can make them smaller (when you want to have an accent belt over a dress at your natural waist) or bigger (if you want to have them at hip height helping to hold up your jeans). Also, if you wear a slim-fitting t-shirt over your jeans, they are flat enough (hence the name) that you don't have belt buckle bump protruding through your shirt.
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Response by poster: Oh good, I'm not really out of style at all! I guess that belts just haven't changed much lately and I thought I was missing out on some new trends, but really it looks like most of the ones I have are still ok. I just need to get some new ones and throw away the worn out ones. Thanks for all the useful links!
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Yours from the 90s are probably better quality, so hang on to them! I've been so disappointed in the quality of belts (and, well, everything else) from brands that used be known for reliable products.
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