What can my grandparents and I do in the bay area this weekend?
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My grandparents are coming to visit me in the bay area for the first time. Snowflake: One has a vision impairment that makes it hard to see things far away. They'll be here three days, Saturday through Monday. What should we do together?

Naturally, I didn't plan ahead enough to buy tickets to Alcatraz or anything like that, so it'll have to be things that didn't require planning in advance.

Low-key things might be fun too -- they haven't been to this area in a long time, so I plan to take them to see the ocean at the very least, and a visit to SF. (What to do while there?)
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I'd hit the Sutro Baths, Cliff House and the museum of little mechanical toys.

That's a nice morning. Depending on how old your grandparents are, they're probably not going to be up for much more than that.

My parents are in their 70's now and they can do "One Thing and Lunch."
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Uh, the Musee Mechanique (museum of mechanical toys) was moved to Fisherman's wharf.
But the Camera Obscura is still there.

I enjoy just taking visitors on a slow walk through Chinatown which is always interesting. You can stop at the Chinese cookie factory in the back alley and then have either Chinese food for lunch or step over to North beach for a trattoria.

Then there's Golden Gate park and the new California Academy of Sciences. Perhaps a stroll to the Japanese Tea Garden nearby.
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I think the California Academy of Sciences would be nice because everyone gets up close to look at all the fish in the aquarium, so I would guess that a person who can't see far away might get more out of it than visiting somewhere with beautiful landscape/views.

Muir Woods could also be nice, especially if you go on Monday rather than the weekend so it's less busy. The boardwalk path is really easy and I think an okay walk for older folks (obviously depends exactly on what their physical limitations are).
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The conservatory in Golden Gate Park would be nice, as well as the Academy.
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Caution: I expect that the Academy will be crazed, hectic, and chock-full of children.
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