Dry Erase paint
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Where can I find dry-erase / whiteboard paint to put on my wall? Something like chalkboard paint.
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I think the nearest you'll find is self-adhesive vinyl panels like these.
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This might also be of use.
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I don't know about whiteboard paint, but to make a huge whiteboard for very low cost you can get 4' x 8' tub/shower surround panels in home supply stores (home depot, etc). They are made of the same material as normal whiteboards and can be used with standard markers.
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Actually, the dry erase markers work just as well on glass or any other similarly non-porous surface.
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Here's an article that goes into greater depth on how to do it with panels.
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Another article on whiteboard walls. It says that whiteboard paint is no longer produced, but suggests alternatives.
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Oops, I found the new location of the original article.
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I bought a 4x8' sheet of Melamine at Home Depot (or Lowe's, they blend together) for $15. It's the same material they use in whiteboards, and it works great. I recommend it.
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(MeFite, Wired Editor) Kevin Kelly has two recommendations that may be useful to you, since apparently you can't get whiteboard paint anymore.
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