Recover data from iPhone after Restore -- no backups!
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Oh, cool. I think I just lost all the data stored on my jailbroken iPhone 4S after attempting an upgrade to OS 6.0.3. Help?

I say "attempting" because, halfway through the installation, the iPhone just shut down, booted back up, and then displayed the "connect to iTunes" image. But iTunes tells me that the phone is in recovery mode, and needs a full restore. I tried it, but nothing happened. My phone is still stuck in recovery mode, and iTunes wants to do another full restore as if the first one never took place.

Because I'm a stubborn fool, I never made a full iPhone backup copy with iTunes (I rely on Copytrans for most data transfer, and never felt like paying the money for its backup utility). I *have* backed up my contacts, notes, etc in the cloud, and my pictures are all manually backed up on my computer. But, my music... years and gigabytes of music, are likely gone now. There were a lot of songs stored on my iPhone that don't exist anywhere else in the world, due to having formatted my main computer a number of times with dban.

Is there any chance I could salvage it with a data recovery program? Do they even make those for iPhones? I'm freaking out.
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You can try Dr. Fone. There are Mac and Windows versions. It -appears- to be free, but I have not used it and can make no recommendations.

At this point, what do you have to lose?
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I am an Android user, but I would recommend asking this question on one of the Jailbreak forums for the iPhone. I have had great success resolving sticky situations like this on the Android forums.
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It should be noted that it's currently impossible for a 4S to be upgraded to anything but the latest (unjailbreakable) 6.1.3 -- Apple has stopped signing all earlier versions, and they're encrypted to the point that not even jailbreak developers can install them. So if you we're hoping to rejailbreak after installing 6.0.3, you are unfortunately out of luck there, too.

I'd consult the iOS jailbreak subreddit at before doing stuff like this in the future -- they're reasonably helpful and have a lot of experienced tinkerers and Cydia developers who can help diagnose problems and avoid pitfalls.
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