Digital Asset Management options for small company with lots of data
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I'm helping a close friend figure out a digital asset management solution for his small media company. They have five employees, but they do all kinds of media projects for clients, some of them large. They've done websites, videos, printed publications, etc. This generates a lot of data, and their having a hard time managing it.

They have terabytes of photos, videos and text from the past few years. They want to be able to archive this in a way that they can easily find things (e.g. "remember that picture of a guy with an umbrella from the Martin Widgets shoot in 2011?"). They need to be able to find both the final and raw versions of all of their materials. They also want to be able to save and find any media coverage their work gets. They need access to old stuff regularly enough that they need a comprehensive searchable index, not just a general catalog ("video 2011 on disc 36").

This goes well beyond the solutions I've used for my personal stuff, like Aperture and iView. But it seems like a lot of today's solutions are cloud-based, which is challenging when you have many terabytes of data (and more flowing in every day). And the big "enterprise" systems are not only overkill, but way too expensive. This is a small company with some big clients, but still a modest budget. I'm having a hard time finding something in the middle that will fit their needs.

Any suggestions? Or even references to a better place to look or ask?
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Look at Extensis Portfolio to start. Henry Stewart Conferences's sponsors are worth looking at, especially Northplains
And here's an overview of some open source DAMs.
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Check out EditShare.
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