Help me find this song about colors and love!
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SongFilter: I heard a song recently that went through a series of colors in the verses and ended with a chorus that included the color red and the phrase "ready for love". Google is failing me...please help me identify it!

Other details:
The song definitely, 100%, includes the words "ready for love". I'm 90% sure it also includes the phrase "give me red". It went through a bunch of different colors including blue and gray. I believe it was a woman singing, and it was definitely a happy song. It wasn't "Love is Blue" by Sinatra or "Red" by Taylor Swift. I heard it in central Florida; I'm thinking at this point that it was probably some local artist. I've been googling, youtube-ing, etc for about 20 minutes now to absolutely no avail. Thank you!
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I have no clue, but I am going to re-post the advice I gave in the last "what's this song" thread where no one knew the answer:

In the future, I strongly recommend downloading the Shazam app for your iPhone/Android/Blackberry/Windows phone: or in your app store of choice. You let the app go for like 5 seconds while the song is playing and it will tell you the title and artist. It's never wrong. And it's free.
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There's an older rock song that includes "give me silver, blue and gold ... My raaaaainbow is overdue." I know that's a reach.
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Gimme a Simple Song by Gina Sicilia fits your description in terms of including the phrase "Give me red (leaves in fall)" in the chorus and having verses which mention colours in the lyrics.
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AppleTurnover, I have Shazam and love it but I didn't have my phone with me at the time, nor did I have a camera or anything that I could have used to record it. This was at a regional competition, and a friend told me that most groups usually do not post videos or anything of their performances until after the national competition, which is in a few weeks, so hopefully I'll be able to find out more about it soon.

If I remember correctly, the song was going through the colors as the singer was saying how she had not been ready before, and the chorus said something along the lines of "but now, give me red...I'm ready for love". At this point, I'm thinking it must either be a local artist or a song that was recorded just for this group.
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Update: the song is "Red" by Carrie Manolokos, which does not have lyrics ANYWHERE online that I can find (probably why my google-fu was failing) But if you get a chance to listen to it, it is fantastic :)
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