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Educational Internet scavenger hunt game from the late 1990s, with new questions and websites to explore each round. What early multiplayer web-based treasure hunt game thing was I playing?

Sometime around 1995-1998 or so, my brother and I were playing an online scavenger game aimed at kids (and adults?) that required you to go around each month (I think?) to a variety of pre-screened websites, and attempt to hunt down specific pieces of information. Think like, trivia you might find in a National Geographic magazine for kids, except that the websites you'd go to might be... I don't know, an early homepage for a nature preserve in New Zealand, the website for a U.S. state capital, and an early information site that described all the Apollo missions in detail. (Just guesses... I don't remember any specific websites. It could've been more themed, but I don't think so.) You'd get a long list of questions (dozens?) each round, and then submit your answer - I think via an html form with a user name, but I can't swear to it. Then each round the scores would be tallied, and you'd get them back (along with the correct answers?), and then a new round would start, with new websites to explore and new answers to find.

I remember the questions being hard to solve, although I'm sure loading at whatever modem speed we had at the time didn't make this sort of thing easy. And I must've played at least three or more rounds of this, and remember being pretty obsessed with it at the time, but I haven't thought about it (and how much those skills relate to my current knowledge worker, web-researchy life) until just tonight. What the heck was I playing?
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Was it an Internet Scavenger Hunt?
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After looking at that Wikipedia article, yes, I do think it falls under that category, and it may have included CyberHunt in the name. Still curious if anyone remembers the actual game though - I could swear it had hundreds or thousands of players each round from around the globe.
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Was it Riddler.com? They used to have a scavenger hunt across various websites to look for their logo and information. They had a contest once where you could win the tiniest SUV out on the market at the time.
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