Going back to school and need to find a particular document
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Where can I find a document (preferably online) that will explain the US Postal Service's policy for employees regarding tuition assistance/reimbursement?

I'm going back to school in the summer, taking classes online via DeVry University. I've filled out the FAFSA, talked to an admissions advisor and financial aid coordinator at the school, and gotten everything pretty much in line before classes begin. However, I've run into one minor stumbling block with regard to financial aid that I am hoping someone can help me with.

I've been employed with the US Postal Service for nearly 19 years, and from talking to several employees in the local Human Resources department I understand that the USPS has a partnership agreement with schools like DeVry where the Postal Service offers a 10% tuition discount. I've looked over both the official USPS website and the USPS intranet at work looking for a copy of the official USPS policy regarding tuition, which DeVry says they will need to have on file in their financial aid office.

So far, I've had no luck finding the document in question. The USPS website does have a section in the Domestic Mail Manual regarding tuition for nonbargaining employees, but as a union member this does not apply to me. (I've also looked at the union's website just in case, but no dice there either).

Is there anywhere I can locate a copy of the official USPS tuition policy (PDF format or otherwise)? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.
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This sounds like a foul-up on DeVry's end.

They have a web site touting this discount.

Why would they'd need to get a policy from the USPS?

Did you try this:
Already a DeVry University or its Keller Graduate School of Management student?
Call 877-543-3879 or email corporateEDCS@devry.edu if you have questions or concerns. Please identify yourself as a member of USPS
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You might also call your union rep for help.
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Well, I think I've finally gotten in touch with someone in HR to deal with this...everything is in order, according to the admissions rep. The tuition policy is just for their records, apparently - not absolutely required for admission. Thanks all!
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