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Lipstick-wearers of MetaFilter, please recommend the longest-lasting lippy you know of.

My holy grail lipstick is a not-hideously-drying dark peach that I can put on at 6 a.m., stays on through breakfast, three coffees, and my usual lunch salad, and lasts until dinner. Barring that, I'll take something that only needs to be reapplied with minimal fuss after lunch.

I've had decent success with Maybelline's gloss stain, although the colors all run to blue. The Revlon Just Bitten lip stains last OK, but I'm not crazy about the coverage--it tends to look uneven, settle into chapped bits, etc.

I think it's time to step up my game, but I don't want to fall into an eternal cycle of picking something randomly at Sephora, not liking it, returning it, lather, rinse, repeat.

Hit me with suggestions!
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I like Covergirl Outlast. If I put it on before going out at night, I will wake up the next morning with still-colored lips.
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There are a bunch of products out there that are all-day lip colors. Max Factor Lipfinity used to be my go-to for this, but it's become harder to find. There's Outlast mentioned above, and Maybelline Superstay 24, and Revlon ColorStay Overtime, and probably others. They are all liquid colors that you paint on, let them dry for a minute or so, and then put a clear moisturizing coat (that they come with) over the color. They last all day for me, though eating greasy foods seems to shorten their lifespan.
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I have a lot of lipstick (and I review them on my blog and pay attention to wear time). I have both questions and suggestions.

Questions: What colors do you wear? Reds and darker colors last longer than lighter colors in almost all formulas. Do you have formula preferences - matte, satin, glossy, etc? Do you have trouble with dry lips? Price range?

I can give better responses based on the answers to those, but here are some particularly long lasting lipsticks I own:

- Rouge d'Armani 400, a red - haven't tried any others of that formula
- NARS Velvet Matte lip pencils - darker shades only
- Revlon Kissable Balm Stains - the brighter shades, not sure about the more natural colors
- Black Radiance lipsticks, Brandywine is my favorite, but I've tried several deep shades and all have lasted well

I know others have very good luck with YSL Glossy Stains and Guerlain Rouge Automatiques lasting well. I love both of those formulas and find that they last better than average, but not as we'll as what I listed above.
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Revlon Colorstay has a reputation for being quite lasting.

It's made an appearance on the green before, with a nickname, courtesy of ottereroticist.
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Mine is Revlon Colorstay Overtime (fondly called "ho lipstick" among my femme friends). Apply a light coat, blot down to a stain, repeat, and allow to dry. Then apply the clear gloss on the other end, or better yet, matching lipstick or colored gloss.

The only caution: do not apply heavily, and remove the whole thing down to bare lips before reapplying. Otherwise it tends to ball up.

Also, all these long-lasting formulas tend to be drying and unforgiving to dry lips, so moisturize and exfoliate thoroughly before applying. I slather on a good balm, then scrub it off with a washcloth.
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Ha! Forgot I posted about that already.
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I should add that all of the ones I mentioned last about the same, so it comes down to shade and availability.

(I use Maybelline right now because I hate the Covergirl shades and Revlon isn't carried by the drugstore closest to me, though if I had Revlon as a choice I'd go with that because they don't test on animals and haven't for like 20 years.)
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It's not marketed as a long-lasting lipstick, but the NYX pencil (I wear plush red) is incredibly long-lasting. Ulta carries them.

The L'oreal Infalliable Never Fail compact is pretty good. It doesn't quite have the same dry, shrinking feel that a lot of longwear formulas do, but it does have the same slightly sickly perfume smell that all L'oreal lipsticks do. As a general rule, I won't buy L'oreal because of that smell, but this tube had the best intersection of color, not feeling gross on my lips, and wear time for the need it fulfilled.
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Outlast (and I assume other long-wearing lipsticks) comes off with oil, so no need to scrub! :) Just be careful what gloss you put over them: I use lipsmackers, which tends to make them wear off a bit sooner. (For me, the flavor is worth it.) I believe the gloss that comes with long-wear lipsticks is formulated without oil.
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Insectosaurus: I usually go for a slightly darker-than-nude peach or light brick color. I'm a dishwater blonde with blue eyes and lots of freckles. I think my skin has a cool undertone, but my hair/brows are warm-toned, so it's tough. I look good in blue, but also coral/copper, if that helps. I seem to have an equally hard time pulling off pastels and brights. I can sometimes do not-too-purple mauve. I find that although I am not a redhead, colors that work on redheads work on me.

Does that help?
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Cover Girl Outlast is some seriously long-wearing shit. It's GOOD. I also have the Revlon version but find it to be a lot more drying so I don't really use it anymore.
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I bought a Revlon Color Stay Suede lipstick entirely because of the tv ads with Olivia Wilde. I like it a lot, though I bought a fairly nude shade so it's hard to tell exactly how well it's wearing. I can often tell it's still on the next morning after having washed my face twice, though.
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It does - mostly I was wondering if you tend to wear more saturated/deeper/brighter colors - which tend to last longer, or more natural colors.

I see that you are getting a lot of recommendations for longwear-type lipsticks (as opposed to traditional formulas that happen to last a long time; there are significant texture differences), and I think those will definitely be the longest lasting for paler / more natural colors. I don't like the texture of any of those I have tried, you of course might.

For a light brick red or mauve, which I can totally see working on you, I bet you could find a very long wearing traditional- type lipstick if you were so inclined. I'm not at a computer at the moment so I can't easily look at shades, but I can drop back in later with specific recs.
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Disclaimer: I haven't really bought any new lipsticks in several years. I no longer bother much with lipstick, as I find it too high-maintenance.

For one thing, I don't even see how it's possible for any lipstick to last all day unless you literally have nothing to eat or drink from the time you get up until dinner time. For another, the brighter the lipstick the worse it looks when it's half chewed off. Also, the longer-wearing it is, the more drying it's inevitably going to be.

On the other hand, it's your experience that you can get certain lipsticks to last through several meals and coffee breaks right through until dinner time. So maybe I've just been asleep at the wheel here while lipstick technology leaps and bounds ahead of me.

So here is my technique for making a lipstick application last as long as it's ever going to:

1. Brush teeth. Glop Vaseline on lips and leave it while I do the rest of my makeup.
2. Blot off Vaseline - don't scrub or wipe hard so as to rip the skin off your lips and make them rough again. Just blot so there's no residue left.
3. Take a lip pencil that is *either* the same color as your lips *or* the same color as your lipstick.
4. Resting your elbow on the table and the heel of your hand on your chin, put the point of the pencil at the vertex of your cupid's bow and, with a single stroke, draw a line up to one point. Repeat with the other point.
4a. Nota bene: the lines you draw should be exactly coincident with your natural lip line, not outside it and not inside it.
5. Take the lip pencil and put the point of it at the outer corner of your upper lip. With a single stroke, line from the corner up to the top of the cupid's bow on that side. Repeat on other side.
6. At the center of your bottom lip, line with a horizontal line about 1cm wide, in a single stroke.
7. At the corner of your bottom lip, put the point of the pencil and with a single stroke, line that side of the lip and join it to the line at the center of your bottom lip.
7a. Nota bene: the lines of your upper and lower lips should not meet at the corners.
8. Repeat step 7 on the other side of your lower lip.
9. Use the pencil to fill in both lips, working from the center outwards.
10. At this point, some people like to powder their lips, either directly or through a single ply of a tissue. I say fie on that, it is far too drying.
11. Take a lip brush and fill in both lips, again working from the center outwards. Again, the lipstick-painted area should exactly match your natural lip line, not going either over or under it. Also, do not join the upper and lower lip color at the outer corners.
12. Take a single ply of a tissue and blot.
13. Repeat step 11.
14. If you want a more matte finish, take a single ply of a tissue and blot. If you want to leave it glossier, don't blot.
15. Take your index finger, put it all the way into your mouth, and close your lips around it. Slowly drag your finger out. This will stop the lipstick from getting on your teeth.
16. Take a lipstick sealant such as Lipcote and paint it over both lips. Leave it to dry for 3 minutes. While it dries, do not let anything touch your lips and do not let your lips touch each other.
17. Paint on another coat of Lipcote and leave it for 15 minutes. Again, don't let anything touch your lips and don't let your lips touch each other.

That is my formula for making lipstick last as long as it's ever going to. From my point of view, that means it *might* survive coffee, at least partially, but there's no way it's ever going to survive a meal.
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The Sephora house brand "cream lip stain" in color 02 has been my go-to long wearing stain for years. I even wore it on my wedding day. I think it was $8, so it's worth a try if you're already headed to Sephora. It's a nice peach matte that tends to be the a few tones darker than fine-complected people's lips. At the worst, you can return it no questions asked.
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Outlast lived through my father's funeral (lots of cheek-kissing) and reception afterwards (lots of coffee) and was still going strong the next morning (I was too tired to take my makeup off before I fell asleep).
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I've had good luck with MAC's Pro Longwear lisptick.
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Those Just Bitten lip stains are by far the best thing I've ever tried, although I guess that's not saying much.
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If you go a notch up from the drugstore brands, you may find better success.

YSL's glossy stains are like magic--glossy, cushy, insanely long lasting color. Even when the gloss wears down, the stain remains and they're not drying. There is a drugstore dupe in the L'oreal Shine Caresse stains. in both brands, the colors tend to skew a touch darker as they set on the lips. Google swatches (on skin--there are ton on beauty blogs) and you can get a better idea of the range of colors.

Also, I hear excellent things about Kanebo Sensai Intense Lasting Lipstick, which is a long lasting lipstick, but not a stain.

In general, you can always check reviews on, but I also like the reviews and photo swatches on
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I've had extremely good results with Laura Mercier's Lip Velvet. Good enough that I bought more, which is rare for me with lipsticks.

It's hyper-pigmented and velvety matte in texture, and the colours run warm rather than cool. It applies like gloss but stays put. The hyperpigments mean there would still be colour after a long day of wear but you can reapply it if you like. The texture also lends itself to a very natural look.
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Another vote for the YSL Glossy Stains. I have a dark berry and a peachy one. The darker shade lasts much longer, but the peach has decent staying power for a glossy lipstick.

My favourite long-lasting lipstick is a matte red from MAC. It's very bright and very matte and stays on like nothing else. Have you tried matte lipsticks? Harder to find, but the colour payoff and lasting power are amazing.
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You need a lipseal. No matter what colour you use, if you seal that, it'll stay. Hell, I've used eyeshadow mixed over neutral shades locked in place for forever with lipseals.

This is Rimmel Lipstick Lock. It's my preferred brand. It'll keep that right on your lips for the whole day. I am prone to wearing seriously dramatic colours (dark reds, gothy purples, black, blue, you name it) and I have been consistently pleased with the results.
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YSL's Voluptue Sheer Candy is a sheer, satiny, gloss-like (but not shiny or sticky) lip color that I have recently fallen in love with. It lasts longer than any other sheer color I've tried, and while I do have to re-apply it after eating or serious kissing, it's a quick swipe to do so, since it's sheer and forgiving enough that you don't have to be meticulous. Even though it's sheer, the color is still strong and noticeable. And it comes in a lovely peach.

(If you're going to try other colors, I definitely recommend trying them on before buying them, as the color they appear to be in the tube doesn't always match the color they are on your lips. Frex, Mouthwatering Berry is a rather bright pink even though it looks almost plumlike in the tube, and Sweet Fig looks bright red in the tube but is actually a pretty universally flattering soft red wash.)
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I use Maybelline SuperStay. The Covergirl stuff peeled off my chappy lips and I think I ended up
Eating most of it;-)
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I hesitate to recommend this because I haven't tried it, but my sister loves Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick. I've heard it's a nicer version of the Covergirl Outlast lipstick. I'm planning on buying Stila's lip and cheek stain as soon as I can, but again, I have no direct experience with it.

I love Mac's Pro Longwear Lipcreme, but you do have to reapply after eating. It fades to a nice stain, though, and never feathers.

I'm wary of spending too much money on make-up for no reason, but in general, I think that the slightly more expensive lipstick and nail polish is worth it.
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Okay, I eat my words. I tried the Cover Girl Outlast, and what can I say except, fuck me sideways.

I had no idea this was possible. I'm supposed to keep on top of new technology, how did I miss this?!? If anybody knows where in the UK I can get a gross of these, in every colour, for no money whatsoever, I encourage you to MeMail me.

That said, a few things I read in the reviews are worth mentioning. First, a lot of people said that it didn't work for them because they put it on, smeared their lips together, and it peeled straight away. That's because, as per the instructions, you're explicitly not supposed to smear your lips together, or even let them touch for at least a full minute. A lot of people assume that the way to apply lipstick is to smack your lips together; this habit dates back to the 1920s when lipstick was a gloppy messy formulation, but it hasn't been necessary for nearly a century now, and it only works well if your top lip is an identical shape to your lower lip. (I once spent 35 minutes carefully going through the detailed process in my earlier comment on one of my friends, only to have her immediately undo everything by smacking her lips together and smearing the colour all over the shop. Aggrieved, I wiped it off and spent another 35 minutes doing it again, whereupon she did the smack-and-smear routine AGAIN. That's when I realized she thought she was helping.)

I took some time to carefully apply it in the manner I describe above, though only one coat and without lipliner, and leave it to dry for at least 60 seconds. I also didn't put my finger in my mouth to avoid getting color on my teeth, because a) I'd have to put my lips together to do that and b) if this does what it says on the tin, it shouldn't get on my teeth anyway. (It didn't.) It is worth taking the time to get a really nice opaque smooth finish.

So for normal lipstick, I stand by the technique I describe in my earlier comment, but as I also said, if any kind soul knows where I can get a gross of Cover Girl Outlast in every colour for no money, I won't be needing normal lipstick any more.

[chokes up] Ain't science WONDERFUL [/chokes up]
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Okay, for more information: I remembered I had a Maybelline Superstay in my drawer, which someone gave me, and I hadn't realized what it was. I tried it, and it was dry, hard to apply evenly, and didn't last.

However, since animal testing on cosmetics is now banned in the EU, it's obviously preferable for Europeans to buy brands that are available in Europe rather than sending to America for products that could have been tested on animals.

So yesterday I saw the Maybelline rack in the store and I think the formulation has changed; the one I had came in two pieces and now it's just one double-ended piece. I also tried the same shade on a tester and the texture was definitely different.

It was a BOGOH deal so I bought two, I tried the red one today, and... well, this is an Event in my life. I'm ready to appear in a Robert Palmer video. My lips, they are red, all right. That is what they are. And they're gonna stay that way. Admittedly I'm only four hours in, but the colour saturation, opacity, and glossiness are out of this world. I'm usually of the opinion that one colour cosmetic is very much like another, but I can't think of enough good things to say about the Maybelline Superstay 24hr lipstick.

I also, recently, went to a lot of trouble and expense to get hold of possibly the last Paloma Picasso Mon Rouge (importantly, a true red) in existence. I compared the colour with the lipstick I'm wearing now, and I can see very little difference, if any, in the colour. I'm now wondering whether I should sell the Paloma Picasso or keep it as a collector's item, or what, because I probably won't use it.
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Sorry, here's me getting carried away about red when you mentioned dark peach. There were at least three shades matching that description towards the top left of the rack.
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And just to confirm the robustness of the Maybelline 24hr stuff, I just washed my face twice with Cetaphil, followed by a rinse, followed by a salicylic acid cleanse. The lipstick was still there after the rinse, and was half peeled away by the salicylic acid cleanser.
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