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How do I connect with videogame developers in Dallas, TX?

In August, an NGO I work with is putting on a conference in Dallas, TX. The group's focus is futuristic and space travel-related. Attendees will be primarily professional scientists, academicians, as well as space geeks, investors and bloggers.

One of the branches of the company has to do with outreach via gaming, and a game jam is being discussed. There is tremendous support throughout the rest of the organization as many members are gamers/have kids who game. Kerbal Space Program is a favorite. Also, of course, EVE. Furthermore, at least one person has an Ouya so that gets mentioned a lot.

I am calling on fellow mefites to suggest gaming organizations or game developing companies—or even individuals—in Dallas that may be interested in participating in a space-themed game jam.
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Well, iD, of course. John Carmack has his own aerospace company (Armadillo) so I imagine he just might be interested in that sort of thing.
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Best answer: Here's a list of Dallas game developers. Try contacting the local IGDA chapter too.
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Definitely connect with the local igda chapter. Follow all of the Dallas area developers and tweet at them. Is the ngo you work with connected at all to San Francisco? GDC is this week, so you may not get a lot of responses this week, but if you have a rep in SF they might be able to meet up with folks.
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I would highly recommend joining MeFightClub, a MetaFilter-offshoot gaming site. I know there are active KSP and EVE threads there, and several community members are in Texas. I can't speak to the game/location overlap but it can't hurt to pop in and ask.

Plus, you know, joining a respectful and adult gaming community. It's a win-win, really.
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Sent you MeMail.
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