How do I use iCal files on my server without WebDAV?
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I have a couple ideas, but... how can I sync my iCal calendars with my webserver that's not running WebDAV?

I'm a switcher as of 3 weeks ago, and I'd like to post my iCal files to my personal webserver (which will then be read by phpicalendar and converted). I was thinking of just doing an Applescript using Automator, but Automator's iCal functions are pretty limited.

I'd basically like to use iCal's "Export" function, export all my calendars to a directory, and upload them to my webserver with one click.

I found this shell script (about 4 posts down) and tried running it using Automator, but it didn't work either. Anyone know how to access the Export command with Applescript? My google-fu and modest coding experience aren't doing it for me.
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I'm not entirely sure what you're trying to do, but have you considered setting up iCal to export your schedule automatically to a site like icalx and then running some sort of a cron job to get the .ics files [or the html files] from there to your webserver? I use this and it just uploads the files there whenever I edit anything on iCal. Have you tried using iCal's Publish feature instead of the Export feature?
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Best way I've found is to use PHPiCalendar which has a WebDAV emulation script (publish.ical.php). Then I just set iCal to publish to that location and can subscribe from my work Mac to have my calendar there too (read only alas).

Just re-read you question and see that you're already using phpicalendar - you should be set to go!
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Yeah, I've tried the publish feature, but it doesn't seem to upload the files for some reason.
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I think there was some issues with permissions when I first set it up, I ended up chmod 777 the calendars directory so it's blown open for all and sundry (which is just me).
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I am currently using phpical but have a script running on my machine to automatically FTP the necessary calendar file up to the server. That works too.
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