Help me use my iphone as a scribe
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I have an IPhone 4s. I routinely need to dictate myself messages that I can send vie email from my phone to myself using Siri. Is there any way to set things up so I can do that with very few clicks? Right now I push home to open Siri, ask to send mail, enter my mail address, Dictate the message and hit send. Can it be done more easily? Thanks
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Go into voice memos.
Record your memo.
Go to the screen where all the memos live.
Email it to yourself (or whoever).
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On Android using Catch Notes (free app), you can say, "Remind me to..." or "Note to self..." and it'll record what you say and save it as a note.

Catch is available for iOS but I don't know if that functionality is part of it or not.
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Does Siri know who you are? Because you should be able to say something like "Siri, send an email to me. Message: blahblahblah." Then Siri should say "Here's your message. Should I send it?" And then you say "Yes."

Or have I misread your question somehow and am totally off the mark?
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I don't know if this works for all types of IMAP email accounts, but you can sync notes with Gmail on the iPhone. In the Mail, Contacts, and Calendars settings, switch on Notes for your email account. I think this will synchronize notes from the built-in Notes app as emails with a "Notes" label (I don't actually do this myself, so I can't be more clear). Then you can have Siri take a note for you, which should sync as an email. I'm not sure if you can set a default Notes account for Siri to use, so you may need to disable Notes from your iCloud account.
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Not sure if it's on the 4s, but in the 5 anytime you go into the email app and bring up the keyboard, there's a button to the left of the space bar with a microphone on it that switches from typing to voice recording. Pretty sure it uses the same stuff as when you talk to Siri, so if you have Siri you should have it. That really doesn't simplify much, but you don't have to hold down Home and actually go into Siri, at the least.
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"Siri, email me and say...", or set up Notes with email as stopgap suggested and "Siri, note that..."
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I tested this a few minutes ago, and I'd forgotten a small step: When you say, "Send me an email, message [blahblahblah]" that [blahblahblah] is going to be the subject line; Siri will then ask what you want your email to say, and you dictate it, and then Siri will ask if it's good to send, and you say yes.

You should be in your Contacts, and if you have more than one email address that you might want to email, you can set it up so they're marked as "work" or "home" and so on.
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