help me find this greeting card!
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[Can't believe I'm wasting a question on this-filter] Last year I happened across this greeting card at Target. I bought it, intending to give it to a friend of mine for a giggle, and never got around to it. In the meantime, I lost the card. I no longer live near a Target so checking to see if it's still available is a bit difficult. But I'm thinking this card has to be available to purchase online somewhere (right?)... My Google-fu is bad, so I'm wondering if anyone here might be able to help me track this card down somewhere online or in the real world (I am in NYC). Many thanks!
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Not the one you're looking for, but cards with the same text can be found in several variations on Etsy, in case you can't track that particular one down.
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There are other versions of it out there. (google: thinking of you naked card).
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If you can't find it, you could make one yourself with cardstock.
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If it's at Target it's probably (probably) manufactured by American Greetings or one of its subsidiary brands (like Papyrus). You could look on or one of the other American Greetings websites. However, the cards are seasonal, as far as I know - I don't know whether they have perpetual favorites. You could also contact their Customer Service and see whether they can help you track it down.
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If it was last year there's also a good chance Target no longer carries it. Last year's cards are like yesterday's muffins. No one wants them.

This said, memail me if you want me to look and I will stop by Target this weekend.
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