Recomend a PS2 Repair Shop
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Can anyone point me to a reliable on-line PS2 repair shop?

Naturally, i'm a little nervous about sending my modded PS2 out to some stranger.. If it helps at all, its a version 9 with a DMS3+ modchip installed. It worked fine for months, and just recently stopped reading any disc, although it turns on and boots up normally. A little homework suggests the laser. I could install a laser, but the configuration is beyond me.
There is no Disc Read error, FYI. The disc spins, but nothing happens.
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Have you tried to simply clean the laser?
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Not a real answer, just a suggestion:
A friend of mine had the same problem. We popped the PS2 open, cleaned the laser, and it cleared it right up; you could also try the laser alignment process as described over here. I know that link specifies disc read errors, but it may well apply to your problem too.

I would avoid the laser power tweaks (adjusting a trim potentiometer) that are recommended online, but the alignment is harmless. If you're nervous about opening the PS2, don't be - the procedure to open it as far as the cd tray is dead easy. You won't be unhooking any wires or removing any circuit boards, just unscrewing a couple of plastic covers.
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Response by poster: Oh, I've already taken it apart and cleaned the laser. Haven't adjusted it though.....
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FYI: mefi's own shepd is a big expert in PS2s. He may or may not be willing to fix your PS2, but he's likely to offer good advice.
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