Hospital food help
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My friend's son is having complications following surgery and is getting a bit fed up with hospital food. They've sent out a request for restaurants in NYC that could deliver gluten free meals to Mt Sinai Hospital. I'm hoping you all can help me help them. Thanks!
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Have they tried using a service like seamlessweb to search for gluten-free delivery options?
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Candle 79 is an option, as is Lilli and Loo.
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Piggybacking on myself to say that the gluten free General Tso's chicken at Lilli and Loo is really yummy.
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Maybe Fresh Direct? They could get a box delivered of gluten free chips, crackers, cookies, fresh fruit. If they have a fridge in the room, even better (hummus, pudding, yogurt, cold cuts). If they can microwave, Fresh Direct has some gluten-free Amy's meals.
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