What kind of door handle / latch combo is this?
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The future Mrs. Moitz and I closed on a condo yesterday. I'm trying to get the locks replaced. However, these these handels / latches are defying description so it's making it difficult to locate a replacement. Further details inside...

There are two of these things, one on each door which lead to the porch. Here is how they work. To open the door, unlock the deadbolt and push the handle down. Just like normal. However, when you CLOSE the door, before you can lock the deadbolt again, you have to pull the handle up, which activates two latches, one on top and one on bottom, each of which grabs a steel bar in the door frame. If you don't do this, the deadbolt handle (or key if you're outside) won't turn and engage the bolt. Additionally, the front door has the same handle, but with a completely standard single cylinder deadbolt of the same keying as the porch doors.

What the heck type of door handle should I be searching for?
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Best answer: Sounds like part of a French door locking system.
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Response by poster: You people are freakin' geniuses.
posted by moitz at 10:14 AM on March 26, 2013

This is an Atrium door mortise lock.
posted by mearls at 3:36 PM on March 26, 2013

You should only need to replace the cylinder, not the handle or the mortise lock itself.
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