Hair trimmer recommendations
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Beard / body hair trimmer recommendations?

Can you recommend a beard and/or body hair trimmer?

Cheap (<$30?) is a big plus. Amazon links or specific names of products to buy at a Target-like store much appreciated.

Also, how weird would it be to use one trimmer for both purposes (that is, beard and, erm, manscaping)? Presumably there are multiple attachments for multiple lengths that are removable and easily washable. (Or maybe I'm being totally freaking icky for even considering doing such a thing? This whole area is not in my wheelhouse of expertise...)
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I use a Wahl trimmer for everything that I trim (hair, beard and body), except for my scrotum where I use a razor for - it works really well. I've cut myself twice I think around the shaft solely because I was going too fast and I've been doing it for years.

For weird - it's really easy to sterilize and clean a trimmer, but more importantly, who cares what you do behind closed doors? It's efficient and it keeps the number of devices around to a minimum.
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I use a Norelco G370. Amazon says $15.99, but I paid less at Walmart.

There are six attachments. I bought it because of the nose/ear trimmer. I use one of the razors for trimming pubic hair and one time used a different attachment to trim up the back of my neck between haircuts.

I don't have facial hair so can't speak to that.
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I'm a bearded gentleman who also uses Wahl clippers for my beard and other general trimming. I've been using mine regularly for about ten years and it still works perfectly. I also used to use it to buzz my head all the time. If it stopped working, I would buy another Wahl unit without hesitation. I can't find the exact model online (it's old) but I think it cost $40-50.

Also: not icky as long as you're not sharing the clippers with anyone.
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Norelco makes a good trimmer. I've one of their more expensive multi-groomers, but the additional attachments make the investment worthwhile.
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I got the Norelco Bodygroom Plus for Christmas and I love it. My husband uses the shaver half on his beard (and I use it on my legs) and we use the clipper half for bodyscaping.

Both sides work really well on all types and amount of hair. It's easy to take apart and clean. It comes with a built in comb-length limiter on the clipper side.

The only thing I don't like about it is the "floating" charge stand. You can knock it over just by brushing against it. But, it keeps a charge for a long-ass time, so it works out.
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This question comes up here periodically, and I always must reply:

Buy a trimmer manufactured by ANDIS. They are the best, plain and simple. I have learned this over my 12+ years of beardedness. The drugstore trimmers just don't do the job well as one of these babies.

I have the 29775 "Headliner" model, and it works very well.
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My dad, who's been bearded the whole 30+ years my mom has known him, pointed me right toward Wahl when I first asked for recommendations. The Wirecutter recommends them, too, and it's served me well for all my various hair trimming needs for the past 8 years. At $25 from Amazon, it's hard to beat.
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