What is this upbeat indie song???
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There's a song that comes on at my work, and for the life of me I can't figure out what it's called.

I got a brief glance at the band name and title, but forgot them before I got the opportunity to write it down. The name that's sticking in my mind for the band is "Ally Way," but that doesn't seem to be right. I think it's two words though, and the first word struck me as a little bit different, spelled weirdly or something. It's from a playlist the company pays a service to provide for background music for every store, which means it's probably a relatively recent, not totally obscure indie-ish song, but nothing that would still be on the radio.

The song itself kind of reminds me of early Kings of Leon but a bit less southern and a bit more jammy if that makes sense. The lyrics are a bit difficult to decipher because of the singing style, but I think they include some variation of "I think it"s time again" or "about that time again" and "kiss you on your cheek".

The song is really fun and I would love to hear it again without waiting days for it to pop up at work, and to hear more from the same band... Do any of these probably unhelpful details ring a bell for anyone.
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Wild google-based guess: is it "Open Eyes" by The Early November?
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Alabama Shakes?
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Name sounds similar to the Allah-Las, though I can't see any of their lyrics that match the ones you heard.
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If it is the Allah-Las, the most likely song is Tell Me (What's On Your Mind), though that doesn't fit with the lyrics you remember.
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Is it Imagine Dragons, It's Time?
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Might be too old, but from the lyrics you provided my mind immediately jumped to Keane's You Haven't Told Me Anything.
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This doesn't really fit your description of the name, but the lyrics reminded me of Brandi Carlile - Dying Day.
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In the future, I strongly recommend downloading the Shazam app for your iPhone/Android/Blackberry/Windows phone: shazam.com or in your app store of choice. You let the app go for like 5 seconds while the song is playing and it will tell you the title and artist. It's never wrong.

Although ideally you want to hear a song clearly, at times I've been able to successfully Shazam songs in department stores where the speaker is far away and people are looking at racks of clothes and talking.
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Googling on some variations of the lyrics you provided led me to Alleyway by Life in Film. It's the name of the song rather than the name of the band, but still seems like a good candidate?
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