Find my perfect bag, version 478... the diaper bag edition
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For the last 2.5 years I have been daily using and abusing the same amazing black nylon messenger-style diaper bag, and it's finally beginning to tear and fray apart. I want to find something simple, stylish, and utilitarian to replace it. Difficulty: cheap-ish.

The original one was $50 at Babies'R'Us, but all the ones they have now are either cheaper fabric, cutesy/impractical, or - if the quality is decent - they are huge and elaborate and look like they'd be more appropriate for a camping trip then schlepping around a city. It doesn't have to be branded as a diaper bag, but it does have to fit diapers and other necessities for toting around a two-year-old and a six-month-old baby.

What I am looking for is:

- Chic, minimalist styling. Will be carried by a 30-year-old SAHM who usually wears jeans, simple dresses, and a lot of neutral colors. This means no baby prints or flowers or animals or bright colors or paisley, but I also don't want something that looks like a camping bag, as stated above. A simple, classy nylon bag in black or dark gray with silver hardware would be ideal... I like this but it only comes in hot pink.

- A thicker strap that goes over the shoulder and won't break easily. Cross-body is nice, but not required... what I hate is bags with teeny handles that you have to hold in your actual hand. I have a baby and a toddler... I have no free hands dammit.

- Washable (or wipe-able). Self-explanatory.

- The more pockets and organization the better. A big pocket for diapers; little pockets for phones, kindle, snacks and whatnot.

- Not a backpack.

- Cheap?! Under $100, but the cheaper the better. I could conceivably go up for something absolutely amazing, but I don't intend to have more children this isn't a really-really-long-term-investment piece. If it lasts me for a year or so of daily usage I will be thrilled, especially if it looks cool enough to carry as a normal bag when I don't have kids with me.

Really, I'm pretty flexible on everything except durability and looking decent. If you have a bag that you love, that hold up and looks cool and doesn't break the bank, please let me know what it is! Again it doesn't have to be a diaper bag, messenger bags or purses in a washable fabric are ok too.

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You might enjoy bags from DiaperDude.
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You could look at the Lug bags.
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This Derek Alexander thing?
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I have a DiaperDude bag (mine has Yellow Submarine graphics on it, which makes me very happy). I actually use it as a camera bag, and I drag it around with me everywhere. They have a bunch of styles, I have a messenger bag, it has enough little pockets for me, for pens, lenses, camera accesories, my ipad and regular purse stuff. I've had it a year and it still looks new. My travel coffee cup busted open inside it, my camera was safe in a different pocket, it only got my wallet and stuff wet, but the bag cleaned up fine. I haven't had a kid in diapers for almost 9 years, but I love this bag, it doesn't look like a diaper bag at all (this is my bag, although I paid less for it).
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Have a look at these Skip Hop bags.
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Agree on Lug bags.
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I have a good-sized bag from Tippythai that has hauled a punishing weight with no seeming strain to the construction. Not a lot of pockets, so I put one of those purse organizers in it that you can buy for cheap on eBay. I guess I don't know about long-term durability (only had it about 6 months), but so far so good.
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I carry this bag from LL Bean (in black) to work every day and I think it would work well for what you want. The quality is great.
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I like a purse organizer inserted into whatever bag suits your fancy. Mine was a Trader Joe's bag for a while. Learned this trick as my diaper dude bag fell apart.
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We use an Eddie Bauer diaper bag, and it's held up phenomenally well for over 4 years. I think it was about $40 or so. I did a quick Google search and there is a variety of colors/styles to choose from. Ours is a nice, chocolate brown color, with lots of insulated pockets inside, and several zippered pockets as well. We love it.
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I've owned this SkipHop model for 2.5 years and it meets all your criteria:

Lots of pockets, reasonable size, wipes down well, adjustable long strap (and also stroller clips!), and it is really well constructed. i actually even just put it through the washing machine (on delicate) for the first time since I've owned it and it came out looking good as new!
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My diaper bag is a Bail Out Bag from County Comm. It's manufactured for police and military use, but I found it made an excellent diaper bag. I have it in black. It has a ton of pockets, though they are mostly on the outside. The "ammo clip" pockets are the perfect size for a sippy cup, or a bottle if you're bottle feeding.
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