Where in NYC can I get fun sodas?
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When I lived in LA I could drive to BevMo or to Galco's and fill up on Cheerwine, Moxie, and various birch beers and sasparillas and other local sodas. When I go see my parents in Northern California I can do the same at the local Nugget Market. Now that I'm living in NYC and am carless, where can I go to satisfy my specialty soda fix?
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Best answer: Any borough restrictions? In my part of Brooklyn, I get these at Eagle Provisions.
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Best answer: Eagle Provisions has a lot of that stuff, along with a staggering beer selection and excellent Central European smoked meats.
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Response by poster: Thanks to the both of you - and it's close to the R Train, too!
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At Karloff (in Cobble Hill), you can add locally made ice cream to their selection of fun sodas. Their floats are amazing! My favorite is with the sarsaparilla soda actually.
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American Beer Distribution Company has a ton of soda. They also deliver.
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Court Street Grocers in Carroll Gardens has a great selection of specialty products- not just soda, but all kinds of things. Worth a visit for the entertainment value alone. They also have delicious sandwiches.
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