Donating an old Apple Quadra 630
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I am trying to figure out how to dispose a functioning Apple Quadra 630. I never used it much. It has been sitting in a box all these years. The CMOS battery probably needs to be replaced. But other than that it runs just fine. I was thinking of giving it away on local chapter. Then I started thinking if I can donate it to somebody who can really make use it. Most groups accepting donations seems to want Windows machines or newer Apple machines. I am looking for suggestions. Should I just give it away on freecycle?
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I had this same issue over 3 months ago. Ended up freecycling it, as it just isn't worth much and too slow and obscure for most people.

On the bright side, it went in less than 10 minutes once I advertised it.
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Freecycle it. The people who can really make use of that old a Mac are Mac enthusiasts. The organizations who have a hard time finding computers have an even harder time finding people who can maintain machines that aren't reasonably recent, and a single odd duck will sit unused there too.

(Groups who are more flexible probably know to watch freecycle in the first place.)
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So why didn't you use it more?
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Gee, now I'm feeling all nostalgic. That's the machine I taught myself web design with (frustration with Adobe PageMill 1.0 drove me to understand the code). I even had the DOS card (Windows 3.1), though I never could stand to use that inferior-looking side of things. **sigh** and the rest, as they say, was History.
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I've given away 3 old macs on craigslist free section; people showed up and seemed quite enthusiastic, with all kinds of plans and ideas for them.
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