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I'm working with a group of kids to help them learn the very basics of GameMaker. I'm looking for libraries of sprites, backgrounds, and sounds to help them in the creation process. Are there ready-made libraries for educators out there. If I have to cobble it together on my own, what are good places to get the basics for making simple 2-dimensional games? Also: are there any good premade game templates (shooter, platformer, puzzle games) that we can use to get their ideas down? We're more interested in the story-telling process of game creation, and not so much the learning to program part.

Our budget is small, but if there was an all-in-one resource for under 40 dollars or so, I think that would be doable.
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Best answer: You might have better luck asking this question on the gamemaker subreddit.
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Game maker tutorials
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Best answer: Spriter's Resource is pretty handy for sprites, tilesets, and backgrounds (these are from pre-existing games, which sounds like it'd be fine for your purposes).
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