What can I expect from a gay rodeo?
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I'm planning on being in Denver at the same time as the annual gay rodeo there (Rocky Mountain Regional Rodeo). I'm wondering what to expect from the event and whether it's worth taking the time and effort to attend. Looks like gay cowboys have better things to do with their time than create pretty websites for tourists so can you help me figure it out please?

I've been to the Houston rodeo a couple of times and really enjoyed it. I'm not expecting a gay event to be on the same scale but would it be along the same lines? Competitions, races, a show, some exhibitions, that kind of thing? Is it going to be big enough that a couple of English greenhorns don't stand out? Will the cowboy-curious be welcome? And, on a more practical note, how easy will it be to get to and from downtown Denver if I plan on attending? Thanks for all your help and advice!
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I have absolutely no idea what to expect from a gay rodeo, but may I say this sounds like a fabulous event for a meetup?

The new West Rail Line will be open by then, and should get you from downtown to Golden pretty easily. It's not an especially long drive if you'll have a car, either.
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Here's some backstory.
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I went to the gay radio in Albuquerque, oh, 15 years ago and had a great time. (I'm gay, fwiw). I'm jealous and you should absolutely go. It'll be like a real rodeo in that there's a lot of competition, serious riding, and some country/folksy showmanship. There may be a few gay-specific things, like cowboys in drag or women doing men's events. But mostly it'll be like any other rodeo. Smaller, of course, it won't be anything huge like the Houston rodeo. Should be totally fun coming from England whether you're gay or straight. If you're gay and like handsome cowboys in well fitting blue jeans, be sure to figure out which party or bar everyone goes to afterwards. Cuz there's nothing like gay two-step when the rodeo's in town.

You've probably found this already but here's the website for the IGRA. And here's the page for the Colorado Gay Rodeo Association but it's a bit thin on details.
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I've been to gay rodeo events on the East Coast and, though I'm told that they are much smaller than other rodeos, they were still pretty well-attended. There's roping events, barrel racing and the like, as well as a dance tent, a bunch of vendors selling Western clothing and boots as well as tee shirts and general pride merchandise. The food is typical American burgers, barbecue and beer. It has a very laid-back, welcoming vibe. It's a fun time--you should go.
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Denver's LGBT papers covered it when I lived there in the mid 90's
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I freaking love gay rodeos. Where else can you see competitions like goat dressing?

In my experience, small gay rodeos have been more laidback, more accepting, more fun than the big rodeos I went to as a kid in Houston. You'll have a blast.
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Response by poster: OK I'm sold, you guys are awesome. please let there be goat dressing :)
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