What is this half-remembered snippet about karaoke and "chick songs"?
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I have a snippet of a movie or TV show (maybe a cartoon?) that's been rattling around my head for the past month or so and I can't pin down where it's from or if it was just a dream I once had.
A male character is singing karaoke and the audience is booing and heckling him. One of the hecklers mocks his song choice by yelling out, "That's a chick song." The male character retorts, "No it's not! It's a song to get chicks."
Does this ring a bell with anyone? Bonus internet points for a video clip (partial credit for just the song).
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I haven't seen it in years, but maybe the movie Duets, most likely the Huey Lewis character?
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A movie about karaoke would be a logical place to start. I don't recall ever seeing more than a trailer of it but maybe I caught some of it on cable. I could have sworn that I saw the snippet I'm thinking of recently but maybe I was wrong about that.
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As it happens, the clip I was thinking of was in tonight's rerun of The Cleveland Show , S4E08 "Wide World of Cleveland Show". The song was Careless Whisper.
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