Retail marijuana in Washington state
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In what month can the state of Washington realistically expect to see a commercial storefront retailing marijuana to the general public (with proof of age)? [citations appreciated]
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I think they're still in the RFP phase. Here's a proposed timeline as of a few months ago.

So... December 1 if all goes according to plan.
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They don't expect to finalize the rules before December 1, so that would be the earliest date. FAQ
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Amendment 501 gives the liquor control board until Dec. 1, 2013, to establish new regulations that will govern, among other things, licensing for sales. How those regulations shake out will determine how possible it is to actually obtain a license. So we don't know for sure, but definitely after Dec. 1, and probably not before 2014 at the earliest.
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That RFP page is outdated. Washington recently announced their choice of consultants - BOTEC Analysis. Blog by the head consultant of the chosen firm is here. Checking that blog for updates would be your best bet.
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Update: the consultant I referenced above, Mark Kleiman, states in an interview: "State-licensed pot stores probably won’t open until late spring" (of 2014).
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