A Dirty Dancing themed karaoke surprise
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How do I hire someone in New York City that can provide a very unique service for a bachelorette party? This would involve specific timing, possibly a costume, decent voice, decent looks, heaps of charm.

I'm sure there is someone in the Manhattan area who can and will do this. I have no idea how to find them.

I would like this person to show up at a karaoke bar (private room) at a scheduled date, burst into the room at a specified time (coordinated via text), sing along convincingly to "The Time of My Life" from Dirty Dancing, while teasing/flirting with/serenading a bachelorette.

Swayze lookalike would be lovely, but I am not expecting it. Floppy Swayze hair would be preferred, though.

Where on earth do I advertise this one-time, very brief gig? I would go to Craigslist, but my many past experiences with Craigslist hires have not been super reliable. Some sort of Broadway-related agency?

Also, what do you think the payment for this should be? I was thinking about $50 would be right, for about 5-10 minutes of actual work.

Help make this weird bachelorette surprise happen!
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I can't help you with the actual gig, but I think your budget is probably off by quite a bit. I would expect to pay maybe 3x that much unless you find someone who just happens to have nothing to do an lives right down the street from your venue.
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Whoa, I totally agree with blaneyphoto. I would've expected something like that to start at a couple of hundred, unless it's what we Aussies call 'mates' rates' (i.e. doing something for a friend for less than the going rate). Dude still has travelling time, costuming-up time, etc.
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Why don't you post it in mefi jobs?
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Costume would be the same as in the movie, black collared shirt and black jeans. No makeup or anything like that. Really? 'A couple hundred'?

Guess maybe I shouldn't do this. All of my bored NYU theater friends used to do little gigs like this and got paid this much or less, for proposals and singing telegrams and such... too bad none of them are in the area any longer.
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//All of my bored NYU theater friends used to do little gigs like this//

Have you tried reaching out to the current generation of bored NYU theater students?
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No, I'm not sure of a way to do that now that it's not just word-of-mouth to my friends. Do you know of any forum or means in which I could advertise this gig?
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A couple hundred for a couple of hours of work seems fair to me, too.

It's not just "show up for 10 minutes and leave", they need to learn the song inside and out, obtain an appropriate costume, do their hair and makeup, and travel to/from the venue. If you want a bored theater kid, try posting a physical flier up at NYU in the theater area (not familiar with the NYU layout in particular, but find the hall where the theater kids practice or have classes). You'll still probably have to offer at least $100.

Also, if you offer too little, you increase the risk somebody deciding they don't feel like it at the last minute and no-showing.
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I'm passing this along to my daughter at NYU who will pass it along to her bored theatre friends. When do you want this done?
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Thanks, kinetic, MeMailed you.
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