Where to look for industry job positions and how to effectively apply?
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I know this question is big, but would like to glean any useful information for job hunting. I will graduate from my post-graduate study in five months. The time is not abundant for job hunting for a foreigner without citizenship. My study area is agricultural engineering and bio-environmental/bioenergy engineering. Do you know if there is any company that may have positions based on this background? Do you know if there is any suitable website holding ads for this engineering area? Will you be willing to share your experience in job hunting of similar background? Thanks in advance.
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Well, what is "post-graduate" and what is your research? My labmate is graduating with his PhD in geography focusing on precision agriculture and is looking for positions with the big ag companies such as Monsanto, Cargill, Dow Seeds, etc.

Here's a start for those types of companies. You'll definitely want to stick to bigger countries if you need a work visa, most smaller places won't be interested in dealing with that kind of thing.
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