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Hi there! I'm planning a road trip around the US and Canada this June and was looking for suggestions for independent bookstores and places that cater to Yoga practitioners/Yoga studios that have an oomph factor. Do you have a favorite indie bookstore or a Yoga studio you go to that you'd love to share with other people? I welcome any and all suggestions!

I want pretty much the opposite of Barnes and Noble -- places who are doing things, hosting events that have to do with human rights and just are generally progressive bookstores/Yoga studios.

I am really into the human rights movement and helping people reach their highest potential. I'd love it if the Hivemind could help me out with some places I can't miss! The only caveat is that I will be planning to finish my trip by June 21st or so.

Any leads would be helpful. I am also not opposed to stopping in between these cities if there's something I absolutely cannot miss!

Some places I will be heading to:

New York
New Orleans
Los Angeles
Bay Area - San Francisco, Oakland

Thanks so much for your help, Mefi!
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Open Books in Chicago might be a good stop, though it's not yoga focused.
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If your route takes you through Ann Arbor, you might want to check out Crazy Wisdom.
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I haven't been, but if you're heading to the Boston area you should try to get to Kripalu, a famous yoga center in the Berkshires.
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Breathe Books would be perfect, but its here in Baltimore.
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L.A.-area indie bookstores: Vroman's and Skylight are two of the best.
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Here's a list of indipendent bookstores in canada

If social change is your thing some must stops are:

Little Sisters, famous for a supreme court challenge of how obscenity laws were imposed at the border, considered a major battle for lesbian rights in Canada.

The People's Co-op Book store is also an activist-y bookshop in Vancouver.

If you make it to Vancouver Island, Victoria is full of independent book shops and yoga studies. A walk down the street makes it seem that it's practically all we do here, read and do yoga.

I love Munro's books, owned by Jim Munro, former husband of Alice Munro, celebrated Canadian author. They have fantastic staff, including section experts. If you like political reads, they have an awesome section manager for politics. (Also, the building is gorgeous. As is the art (tapestries) on the walls).

Saskatoon has Turning the Tide book store. I particularly love how the website gives instructions on how to get there via the nearby pub. They are very hooked in with events.
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Vancouver: Banyen books has an excellent selection of yoga works in addition to their spiritual and self-help fare.

although there are certainly more authentic places to practice, Semperviva yoga on sea island (Granville island) is a great space with awesome views of False Creek and decent hatha practices. skip the other locations if you are just visiting.
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Way way way off the beaten path but worth it: The Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap.
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I highly recommend the Seminary Coop bookstore in Chicago. It's not a religious bookstore, instead think Jesuit. It has lots of great, really smart books.
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I am unclear if you want yoga studios as well as bookstores? If so, Wild Lotus in New Orleans is amazing. Try to take a class with Sean (the owner) or Amy!
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