Insurance options for the recently unemployed in Tokyo?
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I'm an American living in working in Tokyo, but am planning on moving to the states in a few months. I will leave my current job in a month that is providing insurance and take a month or two off to get my affairs in order. What are my options for insurance after I resign?

As far as I can tell, there is government insurance that I can buy into for being uninsured, but if I report that I have no job I will be switched over from my working visa to a 90-day tourist visa. I'm happy to switch over as I am planning on leaving anyway, but can I still register for insurance to cover my last couple months? Would it be possible to register for the insurance and NOT mention I am unemployed? Are there other options to alleviate my medical emergency anxiety?

I would just go without, but I have gotten pretty sick a couple of times in the last few months that required a hospital visit. I would gladly pay for some peace of mind that this point. I appreciate any information on this as my google searches have been rather unhelpful.
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How long have you been abroad? It looks like with some US travel medical insurance, you can purchase it if you've been abroad for less than a year. So then you might be able to switch to a tourist visa, and purchase travel medical coverage from a US company.
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Response by poster: Been here for 7 years, so I assume that rules out traveler's insurance. Please correct me if I am wrong.
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Best answer: It looks like World Nomads allows you to to purchase coverage even if you're already abroad. There might be a delay period before it's active. They're well known and I've been really happy with their customer service.
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Hmmm. Not sure, sorry. I'd contact World Nomads above, and see what they say.
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Response by poster: Sent them an email. Thanks for the link.
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Response by poster: In case anyone else stumbles upon this question and needs to know, this was the response I got:

"You may purchase the World Nomads US plan as long as you are a US resident, meaning that you must have a valid address where you reside in the States. By choosing the US as your country of permanent resident, if there were a medical emergency you will be evacuated back to the States.

In addition, if requested, you may need to substantiate that you live in the US with a utility bill or driver's license."
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