What Progressive People should I interview in DC?
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I'm headed to Washington, D.C. shortly for a few weeks, to conduct interviews for my book of interviews with innovators on the Left. Got any suggestions for folks I should attempt to interview while I am there?

I'm interviewing Congressman Dennis Kucinich and cartoonist Matt Wuerker among others. Other subjects for the book include cartoonist Harvey Pekar, SF author China Mieville, Amy Goodman, etc. Techno-progressives like the BoingBoing crowd are also eminently bookworthy.
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Response by poster: not FOR a few weeks; IN a few weeks. FOR a few days.
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Try Jerry Berman of the Center for Democracy and Technology, former honcho at the EFF. He guest-taught one of my classes and left a most favorable impression.
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He's no longer in DC, but Ira Magaziner (of Billary health-care, er, fame) is an interesting guy, with fingers in a lot of topics. His contact info in RI might be public, or perhaps the Brown Alumni Association could help.
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I'm not exactly sure the type of people you're looking for, but here are my husband's initial thoughts:
- Simon Rosenberg at the NDN (not sure if he's liberal enough)
- Andy Stern is an innovator in labor issues.
- He seconds Magaziner as a definite.
- David Brock at Media Matters
- Michael Cornfield, one of his professors at GSPM and is now doing the Democracy Online Project
- Then there's Barack Obama, if you can get in to see him.

I think he can recommend more if you want, including people not in DC.

Good luck with your project.
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Response by poster: Mm, what I'm looking for:

A good interview subject with something new to say

A person with a significant event, creation or activity of innovative interest.

Examples: Venezuela's creation of Telesur tv across South America; Prometheus Radio's spreading of low-power FM technology rapidly to marginalized people, and lobbying against media consolidation. Jacob Appelbaum and Xeni Jardin at the astrodome.

Kucinich calling for a Department of Peace and still getting elected as a Democrat time after time, drawing subcultures to his banner while he passes out cards with the American flag on them. Harvey Pekar writing obsessively about his own life, bringing stories of alienation, justice, injustice and personal change closer to the reader than a frank documentary.
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Response by poster: Oh and good answers thus far :)
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I bet August Pollak (MeFi's XQUZYPHYR) could point you to some folks.
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Bernie Sanders- registered independent, but self-proclaimed populist and near-socialist.
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Ralph Nader?
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Response by poster: Too obvious, Nader. Overexposed. :)
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Ian Mackaye.
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