What gives you that tropical beach feeling?
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Help me create my best happy place: I want recommendations for what gives you that all-around lazy, sun-kissed, salt water, beachy feeling. Music, books, movies, scents, art, images, anything you can think of that puts you there.
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Coconut oil and a space heater.
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Anything that smells like coconut, and the taste of pineapple.
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I have a full spectrum light for the winter months. 20 minutes in front of that while listening to ocean waves via any number of free youtube videos... and that usually does it for me.
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Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion

Bob Marley


Plumeria shower gel and lotion from Bath and Body Works
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As far as music is concerned, there's a band I love called Tennis. Most of their catalogue puts me in a very laid-back, summery mood. Especially "Marathon."

For smells, my money is on Bath & Body Works' Exotic Coconut. (Although I do second amtho, coconut oil itself is a really nice smell -- I think the B&BW scent is very nostalgic for me).
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Cold drinks like lemonade or mai-tais. You can even add little umbrellas.
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Yankee Candle "Sun and Sand" is astonishingly beach-scented.
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Apps that play the sound of waves crashing on the beach.

Burt's Bees coconut foot cream.

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Recording of tree frogs
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Any music by IZ.
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I watched Blue Crush over and over one February in Chicago.

Anything that smells like gardenia, plumeria or tuberose. (Whole Foods carries Alba Tuberose body wash-- highly recommended).
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I love Susan Orleans' article Life's Swell, which inspired the film Blue Crush.
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Maria Muldaur - Gringo en Mexico
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Watching the movie Something's Gotta Give always puts me in a beachy mood. The soundtrack is great too. Watch it with a good caipirinha and some seafood with lots of citrus, maybe some red pepper flakes.
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ooh to expand on the seafood idea, fish tacos. I think if I slathered on sunscreen, played some beachy music (Tennis is indeed good) and made some fish tacos, I'd be about there.
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This might work for only me (and it's more like springtime), but the first movement of Barber's Violin Concerto is the aural incarnation of sunshine.
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10 minutes in a tanning bed.
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Desmond Dekker & The Aces - It Mek, crisp white sheets, barbecued sardines (barbecued anything), proper tomatoes with just salt, volleyball.
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Cocoa butter!
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I'll second the "sun and Sand candle" it smells like suntan lotion and mix of beach not like fake ocean. I also listen to Island Radio 98.5 on iheartradio. (out of HI)
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Sorry for no links due to phone, but:

Washed Out - Life Of Leisure
Sea And Cake - Everybody

Are two very sun kissed albums I strongly associate with summer.

Orbital's The Girl With The Sun In Her Head and Hybrid's remix of Summertime are two tracks that get me in a summer mood, too.
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Best answer: The Sincerely Yours label has this vibe going on. Some faves:

jj - Things Will Never Be the Same Again
Tough Alliance - A New Chance
Air France - No Excuses
ceo - Come With Me
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I buy tropical island calendars, cut them up, and put them on the walls.
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Best answer: The Only Place - Best Coast
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