What American companies perform mtDNA analysis?
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I am looking to buy an analysis of my mtDNA, but my search engine seems to be only giving me foreign companies. (This is why I hate tailored searches because they pigeonhole you.) Can anyone help me?
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Best answer: 23 and Me is based in California, and it appears they do this kind of DNA research (among others).

Connect my DNA is based in Ohio, but I'm not 100% certain it has the specific DNA test you're looking for (I think it does, though). I've actually also used it, and it was a pretty quick turnaround and offered some surprising results (my DNA profile shows my ancestry is mostly from France, and I didn't see that coming).
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There are a wide variety of commercially available tests that can be performed on mitochondrial DNA, how appropriate any of them would be for you would depend on the kinds of questions you would want to ask of the data you get back. Could you describe what you are looking for with the test you want to perform?
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Response by poster: I would like to find out my haplogroups, as I am an adopted child. I am of Puerto Rican descent, which is by nature, mixed. I need more information.
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Best answer: 23andMe will tell you your maternal haplogroup, as well as your Ancestry Composition. Plus you get access to your raw data, which can then be uploaded to a third-party website if you want a second opinion. The price has dropped recently to $99.
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Best answer: Seconding 23andMe.

Another company is FamilyTreeDNA, but they're more expensive than 23andMe and you get fewer tests for your money.
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GeneDx does mitochondrial testing. Haven't used them personally, so I can't vouch for it. Their website says they only do tests when referred by a physician.
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Thirding 23andMe. I am a very happy customer, and now it's so much cheaper I've been getting some family tested. There are many other adopted children on 23andMe's community forums, so you might find some people with similar quests.
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