Looking for an Android app.
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Best Android app/s that will help remind me to eat regularly?

I'm looking for a planning/schedule Android app which will help me remember when I'm supposed to eat, by deploying an alarm (preferentially customizable) or some sort of popup on my phone.

Thank you in advance.
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Why not create three (five? six?) alarms through your phone's clock specifically for eating meals?
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If you're prone to checking your email around those times, you could have a google calendar reminder sent to you each time daily.
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I was going to say the same thing suggested above: easy solution would be to create daily alarms when you want the reminder. You can give the alarm a different ringtone than say, your alarm for waking up in the morning.

If you want a reminder that says something, you could also use Google calendar and the calendar app on your phone will give you a pop up for your "appointments." Like all Android alerts, you will see the icon on the alert bar and when you pull down, you will see the text of the reminder.
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Easy Alarm Clock is the best app for this for me. I tested half-a-dozen while looking for schedulers I could set to talk me out of bed in the morning. It's simple, flexible, well-designed and handles multiple alarms on different schedules very well. I have a feeling that the 'x hours y minutes' display for the next alarm to go off might be helpful for your purposes — and you can also display this in a widget.
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Pretty much every Android device connects to Google calendar. Google calendar has recurrent events. You can define a daily meal schedule, then tell it to recur forever daily. Or weekly. Or M-F-ly.

However, it doesn't have snooze / alarm features. It will do one noisy attention catch / popup, then leave you be. For most calendar items this is sufficient. Perhaps they'll add features like that now that they've cut off CalDAV access.
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I am super-forgetful and COL Reminder works well for me. It has a pop-up on my phone, customizable alarm (and vibration), and the paid version has prioritization levels where you can further customize the alarm. And it has a snooze function that you can customize each time a reminder pops up.
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Update to my answer above. Easy Alarm Clock is good if you're going to have set mealtimes daily, but if you're looking more for a 'have something every x hours' then Timer is best. Another beautifully-and-usefully designed app, and instead of a widget has an icon in the notification bar which on expansion tells you the name of your timer and the time remaining on it. Notifies you when it's up too of course. These two together should cover everything, I think.
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