Best knot for drawstring pants?
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Knot ignoramus here. I have a pair of pants that has no belt loops, just a drawstring with a single end coming out of each side above the crotch. How do I tie a knot with those two ends such that it holds and I can also make it tighter at will?

Pretty much the only knots I know how to tie right now are the square knot and the bow knot used to tie shoes. When I try to use the bow knot on the drawstring pants, the tightness slips in between stage one (the half-a-square-knot part) and stage two (the bow part), and the pants are too loose. I really am knot-ignorant, so the more simple and small-steps you can make the instructions, the better. Assume I am not very bright!

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Wrap the laces more than once in step 1 of the normal shoe-tying knot. Not like a granny or square knot-- just wrap one over the other 2-3 times. (I know there's a name for this, but I don't know it.) The increased friction will hold it tight enough to make a bow.
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I think that is a surgeon's kknot, and I'm going to start using it! -sorry, on a phone, can't link
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Do you need to be able to make it tighter without untying it if it stays in place on its own? The knot I use is like an overhand knot with draw-loop, except it uses both strings. In any case, it holds tight and releases easily.

All of these instructions assume you're wearing the pants in question, looking down at your lap to tie the knot. I always do it so the final loop is on my right, but it works either way so I won't confuse things by trying to keep track of which string comes from where. It should look a bit like this in the end, though I think hers is tied differently.

1. Cross the strings so they make a big X.
2. Pull the loose end of the top string under the taut part of other string (that is, the bottom part of the "X" closest your abdomen). You should now have another X with a flattened figure eight in the center.
3. Pull on the loose ends of both strings until your waistband is comfortably tight.
4. Maintaining tension near your body, cross the loose ends of the strings so that another large X is formed (your fingers will be "inside" the bottom part of the X).
5. Slightly tricky part; this corresponds to 0:14-0:20 in the video. Maintaining tension on the part of the X closest to your body, pull the loose part of the top string under the taut part of the other string, but instead of pulling it all the way through, create a small loop. I hook the loose string with my right middle finger and pull it through with my right thumb, if that helps.
6. Pull hard on the loose end of the bottom string (the one without the loop in it) until it's tight. The two loose ends should now be parallel with one another. Done!

To undo the knot, pull on the loose end of the string forming the loop.
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Go to the hardware store and get a small flat washer. That'll give you the leverage to knot tightly without a bulky knot.
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You can get a cord stop in the sewing department of your local big box craft store (or at a real sewing store if you have one) for a buck or two.
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