Remote streaming with iTunes 5?
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Following up on this thread, has anyone figured out how to get remote streaming working with iTunes 5? I previously used the method described here, but with iTunes 5 it doesn't work.

The problem seems to be with RendezvousProxy, which isn't proxying my remote daapd server in a way that iTunes 5 will detect. I even managed to find an old iTunes 4.9 installer, uninstalled iTunes 5, and installed 4.9, and it STILL doesn't work (I'm on windows, and I suspect some hidden DLL somewhere is the culprit).
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There's definitely been a change in iTunes as far as networking goes. You will need to update your daapd server. If you're not using mt-daapd, you'll have to wait, I guess.
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A quick search in Apple's iTunes discussion forum found this thread, which may help (I'm not a PC person, sorry). If not, root around in the forums and see if that helps. If you want to pose a question, create an Apple ID (anybody can do so). Forum users are very helpful and usually quick to respond.
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