Seeking a simple, cheap, quiet place to stay near Cape Cod in summer.
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The story, short and sweet: My large, loud, talkative family is planning a reunion in the Marion / Wareham area next to Cape Cod for this summer. My quiet, privacy-requiring wife likes my family, and is happy to go, but absolutely needs a place to get away from them over a four day visit.

Therefore, we will not be staying in the planned large rental house with the rest of the family, where a four day talk and laughathon will be occurring.
We're looking for a place to stay that meets the following requirements:
Clean, especially the bathroom.
Reasonably cheap, like under $150.00 a night.
Reasonably quiet.
Not needed: waterfront, huge TV (or any TV), frilly extras, spectacular anything.
I'm thinking even an RV or a boat might work, but the easiest thing would be a simple cottage that someone is renting.
We will be there during the week and not on the weekends.
Any ideas? Thanks!
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I do not know that particular area of MA too well, but looking for similar situations on the Cape and also further west in MA, Tripadvisor has worked out early can only help you in your price range requirements...check airbnb also, although I have not tried them in this type of situation...
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There are Airbnb spots out on the Cape you could try for - look for things in the Bourne area, because that'd be close enough to Wareham that you could get there and back with ease, and you also aren't in the really popular "way out by the national seashore" parts of the Cape.

(My brother lives in Marion and my parents live in East Sandwich - it's only about a 20-minute drive or so between them. Sandwich is also a spot to try.)
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In fact, here's a list of places near Bourne/Marion that are all under $150 a night. This cabin is in Marion and looks lovely, and this place is just down the beach from my parents in East Sandwich (which is VERY quiet).
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