Where to find NYC freelance web developers?
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Is there a good clearinghouse-type site to match organizations offering up web development work with qualified freelancers and small shops, specifically in NYC?

Back in the day we had the WWWAC list, which may well still be going strong. A cursory search spits up nyfreelancers.com, but that site seems a little low-end. Does anyone know about anything better? It doesn't have to be NYC-specific, as long as there are NYC people included.
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There's eLance, but both the talent and client pools are international. There are many, many web artists, there, and most have posted portfolios of their work, so you can find someone whose aesthetic is sympathetic to what you're trying to do.

If you only want NYC shops, all I can suggest is CraigsList.
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Thanks curtm, but is that it? How do good freelance developers in New York find new work? I have at least 4 jobs I want to give out right now, suitable for 1-3 person shops, and I'd really love to find some new talent.
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Does it need to be in NYC? There's no email in your profile.
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I haven't looked at the site in a while, but Rent A Coder used to be fairly decent for linking freelancers up with folks needing work done.
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