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Asking for my Momma: Windows did an update and now she can't go to any of her websites that require passwords (bank, pintrest, ...). Nor can she download any thing. She also keeps getting a pop up saying Javascript Void(0). She uses Windows 7 w/ Internet Explorer. I had her enable scripting, tried to get her to download Google Chrome to see if maybe it was just Internet Explorer- but she can't download. Cleared cookies, temporary internet files, cache... What is going on? She has virus protection in the form of McAfee.
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She has virus protection in the form of McAfee.

I'm sure that's her problem. Dump that sucker and install Microsoft Security Essentials.
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She can't download. It just won't let her. We tried that first.
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Can you give her the Firefox or Chrome installer on a USB stick? Or try giving her the direct URL to the download executable, rather then just the main sites and avoid any javascript issues.

Can you even get a Chrome redistributable package?
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Is she sure that she did an update through Windows Update or did she click on something in her browser to "update"?
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It was an automatic update. She is a couple of hours away so no on the usb. I'm not very savy myse- what's a distributable package?
I will see if I can email her the exe file. Maybe she can save it and then run it. I just don't get what happened.
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Gmail doesn't allow exe files to be emailed. Ugg.
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You could also burn things like the MSE installer and virus definition updates, or browser installers, onto a CD or DVD and physically mail them to her, of course.
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Could she do a system restore to an earlier date to undo the update? Here's a walkthrough you could do over the phone with her.
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Oh, also - one of the basic approaches to dealing with a virus is to reboot the computer in "Safe Mode" in hopes that the virus will not be active there. So she may be able to download things and log into these web sites from Safe Mode.
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MayNicholas I mean just giving her the direct link to the installer, so for Chrome just get her to type directly into her browser, or even Start > Run dialog.
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Uninstalling McAfee may make the problem go away even if you can't yet install MSE.
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Years ago my computer was infected with some malware that happened to mimic the Windows Update manager; an icon would pop-up on my toolbar saying that I needed to download a critical update (which I didn't download, but by then it was too late) and would redirect all of my Google search result links to their own scammy websites.

Hopefully it isn't that and just some weird glitch, but I would tell your momma to refrain from actually putting in her passwords at those sites until you figure out what's wrong.
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I've seen this problem twice at work and both times it was a (rather unwelcome) program that wasn't playing well with the update. The first time it was some 'identity protection' program and the second it was a toolbar. Either way, I'd go through the program control panel and start removing anything that you don't need (Beginning with McAfee, I like those above me am not a fan)
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Can you go to the MSE webpage, get the direct url of the exe, and have her copy and paste that into her url bar?

For example: (I got this by going to the downloads page, right clicking on the Download button, and copying the link.)

If that doesn't work, I would next try closing stuff via Task Manager. I'd open that up (Ctrl + Shift + Esc), look at the Processes tab, and Google anything that looks unfamiliar. There will be stuff you don't recognize that you need, but Google should tell you what that is. If you find something suspicious, kill it.
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If she does a system restore, then she can delete McAfee and install the better security program. Then, she can go through the updates again. Far easier to pick the laste date before the update.
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She can't download. It just won't let her.

When she tries, what happens? Can you post the exact text of any error messages, including window titles if those messages appear in pop-up windows?
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Try zipping the .exe file, or just change the .exe extension to something else. Gmail may not recognize it as an executable and let it through. She'll have to unzip it or change the extension back if it works..
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Thanks for all the suggestions! I will call her when she gets out of work today and report back.
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If her passwords are gone, she may be logged in as a different user. Win7 hides directories, but user profiles are in C:\users\username. If a profile gets corrupt, it may have created a new one. (I haven't seen this in 7, but who knows.) Does she have her bookmarks in IE, if any, and her screen wallpaper? If she does, then she is probably using her regular profile.

Java may be broken (or more broken that usual). That's okay; disabling it is recommended.

closing stuff via Task Manager - definitely.

Go to Start, Control Panel, Programs and Features, look things up and uninstall junk. Things like the Ask Toolbar and others are not useful.

If you have trouble uninstalling, Win 7 can be started in Safe Mode.
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She was able to restore to before the update & then install Chrome. Now everything is fine. Thanks for the help everyone!
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