These boots but cheaper
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Where can I find boots shaped like these with a zipper (no elastic), but don't cost more than $300? They don't need to be navy. Black or brown works. Such a basic shape is surprisingly difficult to find.
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Here or here or here or here, sorta.
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Dieppa Restrepo made a simple pair of boots like that but with the zipper on the side, not back. I can't link to them directly but there are two pair on that page.
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What about these or these?

They have side zippers instead of back zippers but the shapes look similar.
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If you're willing to risk the dangers of foreign wholesalers, and don't mind probably-not-real-leather, there are hundreds of shoes in this shape on aliexpress.
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What about these beauties by Beau Coops? They're just about on budget... I've seen them in real life, and they're lovely.
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Side zippers are okay, but no heel, and women's shoes. The Reiss are the closest, but preferably not suede (or fake leather).
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How about these nice looking Ariat boots?
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All of the Ariat boots have elastic. In fact, I couldn't find a single pair of paddock boots/jodhpur boots with zips and without elastic (I checked Dover and State Line). As far as that goes your choices are either zips with elastic or laces, sorry.
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I have the tibi Asher ankle boot and they seem to be just what you want. I have been very happy with them. Looks like they are sold out but maybe you can get them on eBay?

These chio greens looks similar, as do these repettos, on sale.

I thought the Madewell charlie boots would be good for you too, but they have a contrast color heel. Made well also has a flat motorcycle boot but it's a little higher than what you linked to. Possibly worth a shot.
Acne's pistol ankle boot has a teeny stacked heel but might be more of a heel than what you want, and it is 525. Also maybe worth looking at.

Can you tell I did a similar search for when I found my Tibis?
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Sorry, none of these are quite as slim as the one you included in your question.

Nine West 'Toughenup' SM Women's Zinc Bootie Impo Abbott Bootie Naturalizer Shoes, Jacklyn Ankle Boot
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