need hip-hop mixes
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Can people recommend some good hip-hop mixes? I like everything from the underground on up, from the seventies to now. Genre-specific mixes are welcome, and I particularly enjoy traditionally dj'ed mixes (with some beat juggling and good transitions).
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Best answer: Chris Read's series of mixes (especially the ones by year) are high quality:

And while not 100% hip-hop, you might like WeFunk Radio:
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The Rub's History of Hip-Hop series is a pretty solid go-to for this sort of thing. 21 mixes, about an hour each, with hip hop from a single year.
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Spinbad's Fabriclive CD is fun.
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These mixes from I Love Vinyl cover a lot of the stuff you like: vinyl, good mixing, soul, funk, motown, contemporary hip- hop etc.
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Just came here to second WEFUNK Radio, my favorite internet music stream for several years running now...
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Funkmaster Flex 60 Minutes of Funk Vols. One & Two are classic and the complete mixes are both available on youtube. Great place to get started.

Vol 3 is available too, but it's not as good IMHO. I haven't heard 4 but it seems to be up there on youtube.
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Despite the really awful album art, my favorite hip-hop mixtape is by DJ Ryow a.k.a Smooth Current and it's called Feel - Sequel To Family. The DJ work on this one is just fantastic.

And I have to throw in another recommendation to WEFUNK. They run a great show and have a huge archive of them available for streaming online.
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Stones Throw podcast
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