Please help with identifying a low budget horror movie?
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Hazy recollections: A group of young adults move into a snowbound cabin as part of an experimental reality television show. They come to realize that sicko voyeurs are betting on who will die next or who the last survivor will be.

I also seem to remember:

There was a female actress who went out of her way to be an exhibitionist because she thought she'd get attention from being on the show.

At some point, one character hacks a phone and discovers how they are on a website....but it is a secure website not available to the public.

Even as things go wrong, they can't leave the cabin because of the snow and isolation.

The last character alive is a man. At the end, the "evil coordinators" show up. The surviving man thinks he has "won" but they unceremoniously kill him off (perhaps something about tying up loose ends).

It was a low budget movie without established stars. If I had to guess, it was probably made five to fifteen years ago.

I'd appreciate any suggestions that fit most of the criteria. Thank you for reading!
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My Little Eye?
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I don't think this is right, because some major details are wrong (It came out last year, it's not reality TV, there's no snow, more than one character survives (sort of), it's not low budget), but this sounds a lot like The Cabin in the Woods.
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I saw this one. It was My Little Eye.
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Wow, that was quick!

Now that I've looked over the IMDB page, I'm surprised anyone could get it "in one" from my hazy description. I totally forgot about the $1M prize for staying in the house, etc.

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I knew I'd seen it on Netflix, so I went to instantwatcher and searched the Horror genre for the word "reality."
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