Mac Desktop Twitter client that hides/clears read tweets
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I'm looking for a Mac desktop Twitter client that will let me hide or clear tweets once I've read them--NOT a filter, but a way to clear up my screen by making tweets I'm done reading invisible.

Hello, Mefites. I'm not looking to block or filter specific keywords/users/hashtags, but just to make tweets that I'm done reading invisible so it's easier to tell what I still need to read. Tweetdeck used to do this with an option to hide anything you'd marked as read, but no longer does (I kept the old version of Tweetdeck for a long time after they made the update that got rid of it, but it finally stopped working). Repeated Googling shows that this is a highly requested feature on forums for apps like HootSuite, but I haven't been able to find software that actually does this.

Does anyone know of anything that currently does this--and that works for Mac desktop? It doesn't need to be free. Thanks!
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Twitterific is what I use, although it's not precisely what you're looking for. It doesn't hide read tweets, but it does 'bookmark' where you left off.
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How about an RSS reader that consumes a Gmail label feed which is populated by a Gmail filter for tweet notifications set to on in Twitter? Now that I wrote that out it sounds like a joke, but it should work.
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I use TweetDeck (the Mac app) and work around it this way: I have 20 lists (the max you can have with Twitter), and I display each one as a column on TweetDeck. Everyone I follow - with 2 exceptions - goes onto one of the lists. (I also have a couple more columns for those 2 individuals who are so high-volume they'd overwhelm any list.) I clear each column as I finish reading the tweets in that column.
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Response by poster: jeri, that's intriguing, but I'm not certain I'm following correctly. How are you clearing these columns? (By deleting and then recreating them?)
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TweetDeck has an option to manually clear columns. The web client works the same way.

It's worth noting that the desktop and mobile TweetDeck clients have been discontinued, and will stop working around early May. Might as well get used to the web client now.
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Best answer: Pavane, it's much easier than that.

On TweetDeck for Mac: At the top right of every column, there's an icon; the exact icon varies depending on the type of column. (For lists, it looks like a list.) If you mouse over it, it changes to the word Edit. Click on Edit. You'll then see a button that says Clear that you can click on to clear the tweets from that column.

Then click on Close, and you'll have an empty column, awaiting new unread tweets.

And TweetDeck for Mac (the new non-AIR version) is not going away in May. See the second to last paragraph of the link from SemiSophos.
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Oh, holy cow, you're right! TweetDeck AIR is going away, but the native Mac application lives on. I hadn't even realized a native Mac version of TweetDeck existed.
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Response by poster: Thanks for everyone!!!
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