Help me ID this book: sci-fi, three short stories, paperback, 1980s(?)
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Help me ID this book: science fiction, paperback, sold on the shelves of Waldenbooks in the 80s, three short stories in one book. I think the first story had to do with people who worship Cygnus the swan. Not the same book from the thread I found on this site.

One of the other stories, all I can remember is that people who had no other use in society were sent to "heaven," which was actually Cuba, and they were used for spare parts for those who were still useful.

Also, in one of the stories, a man fell in love with a woman because of her beautiful voice, but she was chosen to serve as one of the very few who learned to speak/sing to a huge computer because of her voice quality (sort of a singing stenographer kinda?) and eventually she received an implant of an electrical socket kind of thing in her forehead so that she could plug directly into the machine.

I loved reading it, I can't remember anything else about it and -- get this -- it's possible the word time was in the title. Really helpful, I know. Does anyone know this book?
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This sounds like the The Starchild Trilogy by Frederik Pohl and Jack Williamson.

It doesn't match your description entirely (I don't remember Cygnus), but most everything else seems like the book.
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Plot description of all three books (not short stories) here.
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Thank you, thank you, thank you! That's it! I've been trying to remember this title for years. Just an FYI, the very first book has the reference to Cygnus. Thank you so much, now I am off to find and purchase...
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