Hey Delta, where's the power?
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I am on a cross country flight on a Delta 737-800 with DVOD. Everything I am reading says I should have a USB port at my seat, but I can't find it. The flight attendants seemed very confused when I asked them about it. Can anyone tell me exactly where this mysterious USB port would be?
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Don't know first hand, but be sure you're checking the vertical separator by your knees, between the seats, and under the reading light if there is one.
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Seatguru says:
"Currently, there are regular 110v AC power ports located at every First class seat on this plane. Delta is in the process of adding power ports to the first 10 rows of Economy. In addition, all seats will have USB ports."

Sounds like they are still in the process of putting these in - slightly confusing since they break it into two sentences, but I'm guessing the USB power for all seats is being put in with the AC power for the first 10 economy rows. So I'm guessing the plane you're on just hasn't been upgraded yet.
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This forum thread says: "The USB ports are located below each AVOD-equipped seat."
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Best answer: Google image search for delta usb port below seat suggests it may be directly behind the back of your calf.
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Response by poster: Success! I felt all around underneath my seat and finally found the dusty USB port between the middle seat and my seat (window). I am now plugged in! Thanks, hivemind, for helping to make my flight bearable!!
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I too have found these difficult to find. For future reference, if you have a smartphone, install a flashlight application on it. Using the flashlight can make it much easier to see these obscure little things.
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