Jacksonville doesn't even *have* a train.
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What does the "Quad City" in "Quad City DJs" refer to? They're from Jacksonville, with no apparent connection to the Iowa-Illinois Quad Cities.

Further searching has shown that there are a bunch of businesses in Jacksonville that are called "Quad City [something]." But we can't find anything that explains what the Quad part is!

I can't believe I'm asking this. Thank you in advance for your help.
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I lived in JAX for years. I'm thinking this is some retro throwback shoutout to quadrophonic audio systems, one of which I owned.
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The label for the album was Quadrasound/Big Beat so timsteil might be on to something with it being an audio equipment reference.
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My understanding is that it's a Miami Bass-oriented reference to either a car stereo speaker enclosure which holds four speakers, or a speaker with a 4" voice coil, which is a common feature of subwoofer-type speakers.
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All of the "Quad City" business references in Jacksonville appear to be for the same car audio and accessories business in Springfield.
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I am unable to be helpful here, but I love that you asked this question, as I used to wonder it myself!
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Per this ancient bit in VIBE, quad is "a local term for bass".
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