Thunderbird and Outlook Contact Sync
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How can I sync my work Outlook contacts to Thunderbird?

I've been looking everywhere and can't figure this out. I know I can export the address book, but I'd rather sync it, so that my Global Address List is synced with Thunderbird? I'm at a loss. Thanks!
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As far as TBird goes, I think LDAP is the only way to do this there. Does Outlook support LDAP for addresss books? Also, "Global Address List" is an Exchange thing last I knew, did you mean "Personal Address List?"
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Correct, Global Address List is a part of Exchange. Exchange requires Active Directory which basically an LDAP implementation. If Thunderbird supports LDAP for contacts, I would investigate that.
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(Unless Thunderbird has recently started supporting ActiveSync. That would be the most foolproof solution. I haven't checked out the application in years.)
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