Ideas for a Friends-themed anniversary party?
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What tips or suggestions do you have for throwing an anniversary party themed after the sitcom Friends? Specifically, can you think of a suitable coffee-house or other venue in Calgary, AB?

Hey Gang! This coming June, I'll be celebrating 10 years together with my awesome wife. Since we're both devotees of Friends, I have it in my head to surprise her with a small gathering of loved-ones and a Friends-themed party.

I'd love to know any ideas you might have about touches for such a party. Possible guest attire; items or decorations to have present; food or drink to serve; games to play; music to feature... all brainstorms will be very appreciated, and no reference to Friends is too obscure.

Special bonus points if you can think of the perfect venue for this party in Calgary, AB. I feel like a coffee-house is the obvious venue choice, but I don't know what my city offers in terms of Central Perk similarity. Ideas for a non-coffee-house venue will also be appreciated!

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Cool idea! You should have a trivia contest, inspired by this episode.
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Oh, you have to sprinkle lobsters around everywhere. Maybe don't eat lobster though. I know you can buy lobster themed party decorations online, but you could also find (or commission? through Etsy?) something more subtle, like a silkscreened tie with a lobster design, and have something made for your wife to match, and gift it to her at the party.

Oh, and have plates of fries in the middle of each table, to share!
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snack: (chandler) bing cherries
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Decorate with cups (and ice).
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Someone has to make the trifle.
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Guests are admitted only when mentioning the secret password.
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A chick and a duck was my first idea, but that's probably not very practical.
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Foosball table.
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I'd be tempted set up a photo booth with props, including a wig with Rachel haircut.
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If there's some way to incorporate steak and eggplant into an appetizer of sorts, it should be done.
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Someone has to drink the fat.
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Somewhere you could have 2 lazy boys and a kayak on the floor...
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Could have mini versions of Ross' beloved sandwich as appetizers - with the "Moist Maker"
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Another one: if it's a surprise party - when she comes into the venue you can greet her with a turkey on your head.
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For dessert: make trifle, and add a layer of chocolate (to simulate the layer of beef and gravy) and a layer of candy peas and carrots (to simulate, y'know, the peas and carrots) in Rachel's pages-stuck-together trifle disaster.

If one large trifle is too unwieldy to serve, you could make individual trifles in small cups. Mmmm. ("It tastes like FEET!" "I like it!")
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You really ought to engineer some hilarious misunderstandings. Maybe each guest could be given a guilty secret with some sort of question game for ferreting it out (while protecting your own secret, of course). The best secrets would be only mildly embarrassing with the cover-up being worse.
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If there's a TV, you should definitely run a loop of Baywatch episodes and shark documentaries.
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Do you have a neighbor who might be willing to walk around his house naked for the day? You could have a long stick with which to poke him.
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You should hire a folk guitarist to play "Smelly Cat" and other Phoebe songs throughout the night!
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"A chick and a duck was my first idea, but that's probably not very practical."
You could serve fried chicken and Chinese roast duck. Too dark?
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Can you convince someone to put a large raw turkey on their head?

or serve a cheesecake that looks like it has been dropped on the floor.
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Game: Give each guest 3 clues about a guest star/minor character. They give the clues to others and everyone can try to name as many characters as possible. Would need some way to keep track.

Seems like with all the weddings that happened over the years on the show, and the fact that you are celebrating an anniversary, there should be some sort of tie in.
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Draw a moustache on your wife and cat whiskers on yourself to re-enact the Vegas wedding. If you drink, the costume only gets better!
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Seconding decorating with cups and ice. Make everyone wear two name-tags. If you have any artistically-minded friends willing to help, make Gladys and Glennis to hang on the wall. Find a safe way to play Fireball (paint the balls to make them look like they're on fire?).
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Do the routine?
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Sorry, I also should have said I love the idea!! Definitely seconding the reference to lobsters.
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Thanks for some truly terrific ideas, everyone. A lot of these will play out, I think!
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