Post-rock song identification
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Please help me find a song I heard on a long-since deleted post-rock Pandora channel based on fragments of memories.

About the channel: a mix of post-rock and shoegaze. This being Pandora, it may have wandered a bit from there.

About the band: Sorry, got nothing. I have no idea what the band's name was or what other songs they did.

About the album: I believe the Pandora channel showed the album picture as a wall of handwritten text or scribbles, but I might be misremembering on that account. I think Explosions in the Sky has a similar-looking album cover but I don't think it was them.

About the song: It starts with an austere-sounding woman counting up with increasing intensity- "one, two, three, four, five sixsevenEIGHT!", evoking a dance or martial arts instructor. This is repeated a couple times as the music behind it fades in and builds.
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A Cheery Wave From Stranded Youngsters by Mogwai has the counting intro, though the rest doesn't really fit.
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That's it! Thanks!
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